“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”
– Bill Gates –

- About Us -

We are

“We are a group of Post-graduates from cusat, who are interested in Programming and Digital marketing. It’s all started with the idea of “cusatians.com”, a community to connect “code lovers” across cusat. Later, more and more people joined with this idea until it became “Hello World!” – A platform to share and learn programming skills.

“MakeViral.in” is a start-up we created (2018) to serve our skills to the emerging entrepreneurs out there. In this “Online era”,  people are spending more money and time on the internet. So, It is equally important for you to expand your business to the online world. Websites, Digital Marketing and Mobile Apps are the key elements you need for this “Digital Journey”. So, Together let’s turn your ideas into Viral.”

Visit: www.cusatians.com


- Our Team -

Ameerali C

Ameerali C

Founder, Digital Marketing Manager,
Mob: +91 9746707001
E-mail: contact@ameeralic.com
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Dilnavas Roshan

Founder, Software Developer & Web Designer,
Mob: +91 9744114250
E-mail: dilnavasroshan@gmail.com
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Dilshad Roshan

Software Developer & Web Designer,
Mob: +91 9562116617
E-mail: dilsroshan@gmail.com
Akhil babu

Akhil babu

Photographer, Videographer & Content creator,
Mob: +91 9746277944
E-mail: akhilbabubsa@gmail.com